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Drink GreenTeaHawaii once or twice per day

Start your day off with one bottle of GreenTeaHawaii at breakfast for a healthy start to your day boosting energy while suppressing appetite.  Each serving of Green TeaHawaii is equivalent to 35 to 45 cups of regular green tea with less caffeine than a single cup of regular green tea. One serving of greenteaHAWAII contains only 20mg caffeine, <1g sugars and a daily serving of the healthy immune boosting Noni fruit juice. All products are Aspartame-free and gluten-free.

For facilitating healthy weight loss, drink two bottles of greenteaHAWAII (GTH) a day: Drink one bottle of GTH about 20 minutes before breakfast and another bottle about 20 minutes before lunch.  

Drinking Green Tea in large quantities has shown the potential to:

  •     Reduce body fat
  •     Cuts appetite by 15-20%
  •     Increase metabolism and promotes healthy energy.
  •     Control your weight
  •     Fight High Blood pressure
  •     Lower LDL Cholesterol
  •     Increase Natural Energy

As an added bonus, GreenTeaHAWAII contain ONLY 10 calories per serving and Less than 1 gram of sugar per serving.

Ditch your “diet” drinks and go healthy with Green Tea Hawaii